Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

I try to read a new sci-fi/fantasy author each month, since that is one of my collections at the library.  This month I picked up Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere in a book on CD format.   The plot is simple; below the streets of London is a place called London Below, where people fall through the cracks and become part of that strange world.  Richard Mayhew, a bumbling Scotsman who relocates to London, finds the elf-like character Door bleeding on a sidewalk, picks her up and takes her home, opening the world to London Below while closing the life that he knew in London.  He helps Door on her quest to find who murdered her family and why.  Gaiman, who did an incredibly good job narrating the book, paints a fascinating picture of a dangerous fantasy world where nothing seems quite real.  Recommended.


One thought on “Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

  1. The Jim Henson Company, Dave Mckean and Neil Gaiman are binge stealing unique images and ideas from talented artist around the world, making “their big names” out of it.

    In 1998 I worked for the Jim Henson Creature Shop in London.
    In 2004 Jim Henson Creature Shop in London (digital department Karen Halliwell), Dave Mckean and Neil Gaiman used my imagery without a permission as a blueprint for the Mirrormask.

    I won six awards for illustration in Canada and they are published in the Creative Source of Canada in 1996 and 1997.
    My imagery and more info and documents on my website:

    Artist and writers LET’S STOP THIS!
    Tanya Doskova

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