Schlepping children around…just another service I provide

Conversation heard at my house:

Me (to eldest son): “Are you ready to go to the Relay for Life event?  Do you have everything worked out regarding spending the night there or having grandpa pick you up because I cannot?  You know, if you’re going to spend the night there, it’s going to be rainy and cold.”

Eldest Son: “Yeah, mom – can you take me to Game Stop this morning before I go to Relay for Life?”

Me: “Yes, son, but I’ve got to get over to Youngest Son’s soccer game this morning, so we will have to go early.”

After driving to Game Stop (not around the corner, by the by), going to the find Eldest Son’s team tent, and canceling a doctor’s appointment for myself, which can’t be rescheduled until July…

Eldest Son’s Team Leader: “Are you planning on spending the night here?”

Eldest Son: “I haven’t decided yet.”

Eldest Son’s Team Leader: “Not in those clothes you’re not – it’s supposed to rain tonight.  You’ll have to have a sleeping bag too.”




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