It’s My Money and I Want It Now!

So, we’ve been waiting patiently for our “stimulus” check to arrive or be wired to our bank account (never mind that it’s already been spent since my washer and dryer puked in early March and we had to replace them).  According to the media, it should have arrived two to three weeks ago.   We now have received a letter saying that our check is late (no!) and it should arrive sometime next week. 

Let me get this straight… the government spent a gazillion dollars to stimulate the economy and are now spending 1/2 a gazillion more to let us know that the check is in the mail.  In addition, the government now has a new way to check the status!  From the website: “A new, interactive, on-line tool, called Where’s My Stimulus Payment?, is now available for you to check the amount and status of your economic stimulus payment”.

I wish there was an interactive tool called, “Why Does Our Government Appear To Be So Clueless?”, that I could click on and get some straight answers.  My rant for the afternoon.


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