Woot is a Four Letter Word

I have been perusing many “mom-blogs” lately.  So many cute, cherubic children.  I have pictures and distant memories to prove that my kids were once that small, but my day to day dealings with teens and school aged children push them farther back into my brain. 

I recently told my eldest son that I started a blog.  I thought that he would be so proud of my web 2.0 interest, but alas, the look on his face said it all.  “No, mom, you really didn’t, did you?”  I assured him that I did and it would be a fascinating reflection of my thoughts and experiences in life, including trying to have a conversation with a 15-year-old (well, I didn’t say that last part but I was sure thinking it).  He added, “You know that blogs are only for complainers.”  In that case, I thought, every teen should have one.  I ended our talk with an enthusiastic “woot”, a little web bonding.  Another faux pas.  “OMG, mom, don’t EVER say that!  People will think that you’re so WEIRD”. 

Well, here’s a rousing WOOT to all of my blog friends out there.  You don’t think I’m weird, do you?




3 thoughts on “Woot is a Four Letter Word

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