Buy Me Something and I’ll Be Nice

Last week, my 7th grade daughter asked me if she could have a new pair of shoes.  I had just replaced eldest son’s shoes, which were so worn out that the plastic heel molds were popping out, and she felt that it was time for her to get a new pair too.  I looked at the three pairs of her shoes that were strewn in front of the door and asked her why she needed a new one.  I never really got a good answer other than she felt that it was time and one of her pairs were getting worn out, thus leaving only two.  I did some quick calculations and decided that I had spent WAY more on her shoes this year than her brothers.  I came up with the idea that she could contribute her last two allowances towards the purchase and she was fine with that.  One quick cyber trip to and she found the perfect Chuck Taylor design called “Bathroom Wall”… lovely word picture. 

Truth be told, I was RELIEVED that she didn’t want me to take her to the mall to shop at Hollister or Abercrombie and Fitch.  I can’t quite figure the whole thing out.  These stores are filled with a bunch of bored or aggravated looking mothers buying clothing for their offspring and yelling questions at them because of the BLARING and I mean BLARING music playing overhead.  

I am confused regarding how this all came about…  Did the owners of these companies get focus groups together and ask them if a club atmosphere would be festive for folks of all ages?  Have they read the studies about decibel levels and hearing damage?  Did they figure that screaming music would cause mothers to become panicked and throw all of their available money at their kids while finding the nearest exit?  Also, is the cost of their extremely durable and glossy bags with scantily clothed young men included in the price of their expensive clothing?  One thing is for certain: the obnoxious atmosphere has not hurt their sales.   I’ll take Zappos anyday over a trip to the mall, thank you. 



One thought on “Buy Me Something and I’ll Be Nice

  1. Don’t you mean Abersmelly & Stink? The cologne or perfume or whatever smells up that place is nauseating. Zappos–no smell!

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