When the Whip Comes Down…

If you are anywhere in SE Michigan and see an Indiana Jones whip, please comment back and tell me where you found it.  I went to three stores today looking for it and all I’ve got is an unhappy six year old.  This has shades of Christmas written all over it and I don’t think I like it one bit.  The one difference is that Youngest Son saved his allowance for a long time to buy it. 

I’m not sure that I understand the need to own theme toys and merchandise from one’s favorite movie (actually, I’m not taking him to this movie but he doesn’t need to know that).  I think back in the 70’s there was some of this going on to some extent (ie lunchboxes, posters, etc) but nothing like the mass merchandising to children now.  I even saw an Indiana Jones Mr. Potato Head, right above the Indiana Jones cereal.  Go figure.  Apparently, the above mentioned whip is THE hot item right now – who knew?   




One thought on “When the Whip Comes Down…

  1. Sorry–I’ll say up front that I don’t have a lead on the whip. If I do see one, I’ll snap it up and save it for you.My oldest has been jonesing (argh, argh, argh) for merchandise, too, and has even convinced his sister to pool their money to buy an Indiana Jones Lego set…after he already convinced her to spend half of her birthday money on one!

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