True Confessions on a Friday

Now that we’ve all gotten to know each other, it’s time for some true confessions.  None of these are earth shattering, but I’ll feel better after I’ve typed them out. 

  • Christmas sometimes bums me out,
  • Caffeine makes me a nicer person,
  • I worry about living here in Michigan all the time,
  • I don’t care what movie stars wear, who they date, what religion or cult they belong to or what their political leanings are,
  • I’ve never been great on getting my kids to bed early,
  • I never really understood any Umberto Eco books that I read,
  • I don’t ever want to visit Mexico,
  • I like fast food,
  • My shower needs to be scrubbed badly,
  • One of my favorite movies was “Overboard”,
  • I like to sing loudly to “You’re So Vain”,
  • I don’t drink eight glasses of water a day,
  • Tattoos don’t bother me but piercing ones eyebrow makes me wince,
  • I had a pixie cut in the 70’s,
  • I had a bi-level in the 80’s (also known as a mullet)
  • I love “Big Beat” music,
  • I’ve watched children’s shows without my kids before,
  • I read excerpts of “Wifey” when I was in middle school,
  • I’ve only loved one guy in my whole life and I’ve been with him for 25 years,
  • I wish that I could have four dogs,
  • I love being a librarian.

Well, that was cathartic.  I feel so much better now.  Happy Friday to all my blog buddies!



2 thoughts on “True Confessions on a Friday

  1. I don’t know what Url is. Kuddos to you for being so forthright on your blog. I have thought recently that I would like a blog but I guess it is just for personal stuff and I could just do that on word and save it.
    Your confessions tickled me and made me give you one of mine. I was helping Ava make a menu for her pretend restaurant. I was spelling the words and she was drawing the pictures and writing down the words. Later I looked at the menu and I had spelled orange juice “orange juise”. I just pretend it is Ava’s cute little miss.

  2. Here are a few of mine:

    1) I’m the only librarian I know who detests NPR.
    2) I dread summer vacations.
    3) I love the color pink.
    4) I like the song “Wind Beneath My Wings.”
    5) I am worse at my job than I thought I would be.

    Really, I think 5 is all I’m willing to share 🙂

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