Baby You Can Drive My Car

Eldest Son finished the first phase of driver’s ed yesterday.  That means that tomorrow he’ll run home from school and have me take him to the Secretary of State office for his permit, allowing him to drive with a parent until he’s sixteen and at that point he can apply for a driver’s license.  I hope that I have this all straight because it’s nothing like when I was learning to drive.

Wow.  This evokes all sorts of emotions in me but the word panic comes to mind first.  The psychology books should have included “trusting your adolescent with your car” as a developmental stage of adulthood.  It’s not just him I’m worried about, it’s everyone ELSE driving in their cars. 

This takes the concept of autonomy and letting go to a new level.  Yes, I know that thousands of parents go through this and do just fine.  It’s just that this “first step” includes a 3,000 pound automated machine that’s capable of doing a lot more damage than anything else he’s learned to handle.  This parenting stuff can be hard on ones nerves. 


2 thoughts on “Baby You Can Drive My Car

  1. Really, if you could just give me a call when you hand over the keys, I’ll know to stay off the roads. Just kidding–he’s going to be great. The picture is priceless, too!

  2. well…….I know my parents felt the EXACT SAME WAY…….especially my mother.

    If you’re feeling the way you are, it’s because

    a)you love your son
    b) you realise the risks involved in driving

    I just started driving on my own, and I’m 24 years old. I have to call my parents whenever I get to where I’m going, and I’m TOTALLY OKAY with that rule, because I know that they’re making it out of love and concern for me.

    Good luck……..

    The Integral

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