Barely Functioning With AOADD

Didn’t get to post yesterday because I was working on another homework assignment for work.  My Web 2.0 enthusiastic supervisor assigned Squidoo to me.  It CLAIMS to be fast and techy free.  Well, that is if you know what you’re doing.  I’ve got to pick a subject for a Lens and be creative.  I’ll keep you posted.

I have another true confession to make.  I wake up and say to myself everyday, “I have Adult Onset Attention Deficit Disorder.” I wander around my house aimlessly and hopelessly distracted by everything and it takes true diligence to get anything done. 

I went to get orange juice from the downstairs fridge this morning, noticed that I had left clothes in the dryer all night (so much for my wrinkle free shirts), proceeded to take the clothes out of the dryer, put a new load in the washer, and walked back upstairs without the orange juice.  I then went upstairs to grab socks for Youngest Son, went over to vacationing husband to say good morning, noticed that I had several library books on my nightstand that need to go back to the library today, took them downstairs to my bookbag, stopping to put water in my dog’s bowl on the way, and didn’t get the socks.  It goes on and on and on like this all day.

Blogging seems to be the one thing that I can focus on very well.  Judging by the dust that’s flying around my house, nothing distracts me when I’m on the computer.  Gotta go – I forgot about the water boiling on the stove. I only sat down for a minute to read my email…


2 thoughts on “Barely Functioning With AOADD

  1. You are not alone in your AODD. I had a similar experience that involved my OWN socks. I think it’s because our lives are filled with so many little things that are, frankly, just not that interesting. I mean, had there been a chocolate croissant and coffee to accompany the orange juice, you might have made it to the kitchen. Had part of your mission not involved someone else’s socks, you might have made it, too! As for dusting? Nobody gives you a trophy for it (if they did, I’ve never get one anyway,) so it’s just that dang interesting.

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