At Wits End

If you couldn’t tell already, I am very dedicated to my family.  I would take a bullet to shield them, donate a lobe of my liver or a kidney if they needed it or go to any length to get them help.  However, if the fighting around my house continues throughout the summer, I am going to become psycho mama and I may have to take them all out.  It’s that bad.


3 thoughts on “At Wits End

  1. I swear I just sent my own two darlings to bed early not more than several hours ago with the following statement delivered through clenched teeth, “We will NOT go through the summer like this.”

  2. Daddio just told me that I came on too strong with this one. Okay, sorry… I won’t take my kids out, but we WILL have a fun free summer if this nonsense continues. Darcy and Stef – sorry to hear that you guys are not having fun either, but glad that I’m not alone.

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