Hanging With the Bad News Tigers

It’s my blog and I’ll complain if I want to…

We were ripped off last night at Comerica Park.  The Tigers owe my family $100 for the price of our tickets and emotional damages.  Plus, I’m fining the woman who sat next to Eldest Son and talked loudly on her cell phone for three innings $10.00 for just being obnoxious. 

The crowd booed pitcher Dontrelle Willis as he was relieved in the second inning.  That was after the Indians scored eight runs, including two home runs and five walks.  The Tigers finally scored twice in the fourth inning, but we didn’t get to see either of them because we had to move to a lower level to escape the rain and lightning.  After an hour delay, the Tigers were back at it again, but we had already headed home because it was a school night and the game was going way too long. 

The night certainly wasn’t a total loss.  The burger beforehand at Johnny Rockets was yummy and spending time with my family is always a good thing.  However, one can only hope that the Boys of Summer look a lot better for the next game we attend. 


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