That’s What It’s All About

I literally have a million things to do today.  I have to take Youngest Son to a birthday party, go to a memorial service, go to a graduation party and clean up my house (it’s still not looking good – see my June 12th entry).  Then, tomorrow is Father’s Day and I need to get ready for that too.  Despite all of the chaos, I thought that I would sit on my computer and blog reflect about my morning. 

I had to drop off Eldest Son this morning for the annual township parade (his Robotics club was participating).  I had every intention of just dropping him off and getting back home but something made me stay.  I luckily had a folding chair in my car, so Youngest Son and I found a spot and sat down to watch.  There were marching bands, fife and drum, dancers, cheerleaders, Shriners, Leader Dogs and clowns, just to name some of the participants.  Youngest Son stood on the side of the road and collected candy thrown to the crowd and I just sat and took it all in. 

I’ve still got to do all those things listed above, but at least I got to see Eldest Son and all those other kids who participated.  Sometimes you’ve just got to sit back and watch the parade.


One thought on “That’s What It’s All About

  1. So funny…it was this weekend that I realized I hate parades. But honestly, I had no idea Eldest Son was in it….that mighta made me feel better.

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