This Just In…

Yesterday on, I read the following story, Study: Women in Bikinis Make Men More Impulsive.  It went on to explain:

“Bikinis and other sexy stimuli can make men more prone to seek immediate gratification — leading to blown diets, budgets and bank accounts, new research suggests.

In the study, detailed in the Journal of Consumer Research, men alternately fondled t-shirts and bras (which were not being worn during the test). After touching the bras, men valued the future less and the present more, said lead researcher Bram Van Den Bergh of Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium. Viewing ads with women in bikinis had the same effect.”

I found this article disturbing on several levels.  On one level, this seems to verify the idea that men’s brains are in their genetalia and are ruled by their autonomic system and not by their cognitive thinking.  It’s really scary to think that thousands of men are completely ruled by sexy stimuli alone, and, if we are to believe this article, important decisions can be derailed by chasing skirts. 

On another level, I had to wonder – who thought this study was a good idea and WHY did they bother doing it?  I haven’t been in college and studied this sort of thing in a long time, but doesn’t every study have to have a control group?  What on earth did the control group do that differed from the men fondling womens’ underwear?  (Actually, I’m not sure that I want to know).  Did someone do this study to earn some sort of degree?  Who actually volunteered to do this?  Sex sells and that’s been obvious for a long time – just look at the ads in any Sports Illustrated Magazine.  We didn’t need an academic study to figure that one out.

Just so my blog is fair and balanced, I’ll include a snippet of another study that I read about today.  From the Women Think About Shopping, Men Think About Sex.

“Three out of four young women think about shopping nearly as often as men think about sex, a survey has found. They think about buying new clothes or shoes every 60 seconds, according to a survey by Other studies have claimed that men think about sex every 52 seconds. The shopping survey interviewed 778 women aged 19 to 45. Almost half of the women surveyed said they kept their partners in the dark about their spending.”

Well, there you have it.



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