Get Back, JoJo

We have a two and a half year old labradoodle (that’s a labrador/standard poodle mix) named JoJo.  She is adorable and sweet and our whole family loves her (well, except when she steals socks, digs holes or shreds things.  Other than that, she’s great). 

JoJo has one very serious habit that I cannot break: she chases cars.  She’s particularly fond of bright, shiny models, but she’s not above chasing down the UPS truck if necessary.  Chasing isn’t really the right word.  She gets in a crouched, attack position when she hears a car coming and then runs around in circles, banging into my knees and calves.  At that point, she yanks on the leash with all of the force of a 55 pound dog and tries to teach that offensive car a lesson. 

Many people in the neighborhood have watched us walk together since she was a puppy.  Some like to yell out the window and say things such as, “Still walking you, huh?” or “You need to call Cesar!”  Others give me a pitiful look and keep driving, making me feel like an idiot.  Every day with JoJo is an adventure. 

I’ve tried several options to curb this behavior including positive reinforcement (yeah, right), head collars (three of them, to be exact), harnesses (two of those), and most recently a pronged collar.  This past Saturday the pronged collar, stressed to the limit by JoJo’s circles, came apart right as a car was passing and I had to grab her.  It scared me to death, so now it’s time to bring out the big guns and try something else. 

I adore my dog, but my elbow is killing me and I’m afraid that she’s going to end up under one of those shiny cars that she’s so intent on catching.  If anyone has any good suggestions, I’m all ears.  I think JoJo would say that she appreciates it too. 


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