You Can’t Judge a Sci-Fi Book By Its Cover

You can’t judge a fantasy book by its cover either.  Here are some real beauties I found today hanging out in the stacks.

 Cover Image  She just needed to slip into something more comfy before conquering other planets.

 The Tide of VictoryI’m guessing that she’s part of the plunder in the Tide of Victory.

White QueenNot sure what to think about this one…  love the blue lipstick and apparently the guy in the background does too.

 The Conan Chronicles (Conan)Behind every brave warrior wearing bearskin and no shirt is a vixen with a plunging neckline.

In the Country of the BlindNot only can this woman design her own strapless dresses, mere iron chains can’t hold her back.

Cover ImageGood thing she’s got those forearm protectors.

Stainless Steel Visions (Stainless Steel Rat)Intergalactic prostitutes and pimps.

 Dragon Prince #1 (Dragon Prince)The backless dress look was popular back in the time of dragons too.


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