V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N in a Crowded Car

Can’t we all just get along?  I’m trying to plan our summer vacation and I’m getting nothing but flack on all sides.  Devoted Husband just wants to go up north (that would be Northern Michigan to all of you non-Michiganders), but we’ve already been there oh, maybe 15 times.  I would like to see more of the United States before I die, so I’d like to visit Mammoth Caves in Kentucky.  Eldest Son thinks my idea is great, Middle School Daughter said that Kentucky sounds lame and Youngest Son just wants to go to a water park. 

I realize that a trip to Kentucky consists of a good eight hours in the car with three people who don’t necessarily want to watch the same DVDs, eat the same snacks, or share their own personal space at all times.  We drove straight through to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania a few years back and the nightmare that was our road trip still haunts me at odd moments.  There was one evening when the bickering got so bad that Devoted Husband threatened the kids that they had better straighten up and fly right or we were heading back home down the Lincoln Highway right that moment (do not pass go and do not collect $200.00).  

I’m willing to put that all behind us and try for another out-of-state road trip with the kids.  After all, they’re older now and we could see all sorts of interesting, semi-educational things along the way.   If it all turns out to be a huge bummer, I’ll just blog about it.  Disasters appear to be excellent blog fodder.   Now I just need to convince them all that mother knows best and we all want to go to Kentucky. 


2 thoughts on “V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N in a Crowded Car

  1. I am all in if I can buy a pair of $200.00 noise reduction headphones. The $50 pair I bought for Pennsylvania were no match for the situation.

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