A Weeks Worth of Dinner Ideas, Brought To You by Not Your Mother’s Weblog

Sometimes I read sensible “Mom” magazines, like Family Circle or Woman’s Day.  I’m presuming that they provide recipes and menus help break up the doldrums of cooking, but the reality is that my family wouldn’t touch half the things they suggest.  Flipping through this month’s magazines sitting on my counter, I see “Island Shrimp and Fruit Salad” (too healthy) and “Pizza Pasta Salad” (ick).  The on-line version of Parents.com claims “Your Kid Loves Vegetables”.  I think that it’s safe to say that blanket statements like that are rarely accurate.

So, here’s a weeks worth of dinner ideas, brought to you from my own home.  No need to thank me, it’s just another service I provide…

Monday: Grilled chicken, rice, salad.

Tuesday: Spaghetti with or w/o meat sauce, store bought garlic toast, no one ate the salad yesterday so no veggie tonight.

Wednesday: Celebrate the middle of the week by eating take-out.

Thursday: Too exhausted to cook – you kids are killing me.  Funyuns and pixy stix. (Editor’s note:  pour the pixy stix in water for instant Kool-Aid).

Friday: Pizza.

Saturday: Mom and dad date night – hot dogs on the grill for the kids.

Sunday: Roast chicken/beef, mashed potatoes, healthy vegetable, homemade dessert.


2 thoughts on “A Weeks Worth of Dinner Ideas, Brought To You by Not Your Mother’s Weblog

  1. You know, these are great dinner suggestions for couples without kids when both members of said couple are in grad school…

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