Saving the Planet, One Animated Movie at a Time

Just got back from seeing WALL*E at the movies with the kids.  There’s no doubt that the characters in WALL*E are absolutely endearing – robots with human traits and feelings are a recipe for adorable.  Also, the animation was really wonderful and the storyline was interesting.  However, just like “Happy Feet”, there’s more meaning to this movie than what meets the eye.

Pixar obviously felt that the public needed a wake up call regarding what could happen to future Earth if we don’t take care of our landfills and trash.  They’ve got a point, of course, and so did “Happy Feet” with its heavy duty environmental theme thinly veiled as a children’s movie.  However, when I’m watching these movies, I can’t help but feel that I’m being preached at by people who can actually afford to have their carbons offset, buy three hybrid vehicles to fit in their three + car garages, and attend expensive environmental charity dinners.  It’s not that I don’t agree with what they’re attempting to say, I just don’t agree with trying to pass them off as themes for kids’ movies.

So, thanks, Pixar for making me more aware of the planet.  Next time I want to see a kid’s movie, I’ll pop in our copy of Toy Story.  After that, if I’m feeling very “green”, I’ll watch a documentary – one that was written for adults.


One thought on “Saving the Planet, One Animated Movie at a Time

  1. Thanks for the heads up. Maybe I’ll let Pete take the kids to see it and stay home and watch Toy Story myself. Or Finding Nemo….just keep swimming…now there’s a theme I can get behind!

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