The Weather Channel – It’s Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Years ago I was addicted to the Travel Channel.  That was before the Discovery Channel acquired it and ruined it by only featuring reruns of Beach Week and Poker Week (what’s poker got to do with travel anyhow?). 

I then discovered the joys of the Weather Channel and a whole new world opened up to me.  Where else can you see meteorologists color coordinating their outfits (Marshall Seese and Heather Tesch in the morning), standing down a major storm out in the open, and smiling happily at 4 am about the warm front coming to your neighborhood?  They even have severe weather experts to give the blow by blow of a major weather occurance. 

How about their special programs such as “When Weather Changed History” or “Storm Stories”?  Riveting stuff here, folks.  You don’t want to miss the special footage of a dramatic rescue from a flood or digging people out when a tornado hits an unsuspecting town.  That Jim Cantore will have you just as interested in all of the drama as he is.

Of course, not everyone in my family feels as warmly toward The Weather Channel as me.  My husband came right out and told me that it was strange and obsessive the way that I sit and watch hours worth of weather reports.  I disagree.  I’ve been reading a very good book lately that is narrated by none other than a very cute and clever dog named Enzo, who just happens to love the Weather Channel.  He states, “It’s not about weather, it is about the world.”  Good boy, Enzo.  I couldn’t have said it any better myself.


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