The Summer of Our Discontent

I think that we are jinxed.  Tonight was the third venue we’ve attended this summer that was rained out. 

We went to the Salute to America concert at Greenfield Village, like we’ve done for the past four years.  We pack a great picnic dinner and sit under the stars to listen to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra play patriotic music, followed up by a fireworks display.  The grand finale is terrific, complete with “1812 Overture” accompanied by loud cannon fire.  Makes you want to hug an American flag.

Except, this year ’twas not to be.  We were watching the really neat pre-show lightning display when a chipper woman stood up on the stage and told us to give ourselves a round of applause for coming out tonight.  But, guess what?  There was a severe thunderstorm warning and we all needed to get out of the park asap.  Thanks for coming, here’s your voucher, good-bye. 

Please send sympathy. 



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