Have Electronics, Will Travel

Well howdy from Cincinnati!  Milford, Ohio to be exact – just outside of the city. 

Travel is way different from when my family used to take vacations.  My brothers and I had Yes and Know books and entertained ourselves for hours playing piggy punch.  Not us. We have a GPS system, XBox (complete with the new Aerosmith Guitar Hero), two Nintendo DS’s, and DVDs playing all at the same time in our car.  I look like a mere Luddite with my mp3 player and books.  We are definitely NOT gadget challenged. 

Stopped at the National Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH and walked around there for three hours.  It was GINORMOUS!  My favorite exhibit was the one from WWI.  They even have a Sopwith Camel,  just like the one that Snoopy flew in his sorties with the Red Baron!  They also had hundreds of very cool bomber jackets – I might just dust off the one in our hall closet, circa 1989 from Banana Republic.  I wanted to see the Wright Cycle Shop, so we drove through some questionable Dayton neighborhoods only to find that it was closed.  Guess we’ll go back to the one in Greenfield Village instead.

We got into the Cincinnati area just in time for Skyline Chili which my family liked not at all.  Bummer.  I had such high hopes but alas, it must be an acquired taste.  It was like eating pumpkin pie, spaghetti and chili all at the same time.  I tried to do my very best mom cheerleading by saying things like, “Now you can tell people that you’ve tried Cincinnati chili…” or “You’ve just expanded your horizons…” and received much eye rolling.  Eldest Son said he knew that was coming.  I’m becoming very predictable lately.

Tomorrow we’re off to the great state of Kentucky.  Did you know that Stephen Foster never owned a Kentucky home?  He lived in PITTSBURGH!  What a poser.


2 thoughts on “Have Electronics, Will Travel

  1. Glad you have not lost your sense of humor during your travels. Just imagine, you could be me, home creating a brochure about myself for a graduate school class. Yup. A tri-fold brochure. Who knew I even had enough to say about myself that would fill up a tri-fold brochure. Oh wait, I don’t. Which is why it’s taking me for-ever. I figure I’d leave out the unattractive details, such as “I have frizzy hair,” or “My toilet hasn’t been cleaned in…” I’ll likely get a better grade that way.

    By the by, I just so happen to love Cincinnati chili. Maybe I’m just sort of crazy that way.

  2. Hey! You could include all of the facts you shared in your true confessions post! You could also include the fact that you like Cincinnati chili. Apparently, lots of other people share your feelings, judging by the number of Skyline chili joints we saw every couple of miles!

    No, I haven’t lost my sense of humor but I am so tired tonight that I could fall over. Will blog more tomorrow.

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