Planes, Caves and Automobiles

That appears the be theme for our vacation this year.

So, here we are in the Bluegrass State.  Not sure what I expected.  Saw green, rolling hills and lots of cows grazing in pastures on the way here.  Then we arrived in Bowling Green (population 53,176 – home of the Western Kentucky University Hilltoppers) and, quite frankly, we could have been just about anywhere.  There are TONS of hotels, restaurants, a mall and lots of traffic. 

I’m not sure if I imagined that Daniel Boone would walk out of the forest and greet us or we’d see wild horses trampling through the fields, but so far the area we’re staying in is just like home except people here speak with a Southern accent.   We drove to the downtown area to get a better flavor of the town and the university really was pretty and it actually is built on a hilltop.  Made me feel better.

Visited the National Corvette Museum– who knew that there was such enthusiasm for a car?  Granted, it’s a very stylish and fast car, but it’s an automobile just the same.  Rounded out the day with a trip to the mall  for Middle School Daughter.  What would a vacation be without a visit to Hollister? (see my opinion of this store on my May 27th post).  The music was too loud here in KY too.  Made me feel right at home. 

Tomorrow, we’re off to Mammoth Caves.  Will tell you all about it later.


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