Kentucky, Down Under

I. Love. Mammoth. Caves.  That was one of the most wonderful experiences of a lifetime. 

We took two cave tours today.  The first, called the New Entrance Tour, was great because it showed a section of the caves called Frozen Niagara and the formations were spectacular.  Then, we took a two mile hike on the River Styx tour and that was absolutely fantastic.  We went from huge dome-like caverns to a tiny path aptly called Fat Man’s Misery.   We saw three lakes and went down to the deepest area of the caves, climbing 500 steps.  Eyeless fish live in the waters, but none were visible today.

The final cavern, called the Ruins of Karnak, was absolutely spectacular.  It looked like the Mines of Moria in the first Lord of the Rings movie.  I couldn’t believe that we were so lucky to be standing in the middle of that beautiful cave.  The pictures I took didn’t do the caves justice. 

Tomorrow we are heading home.  Probably a good thing because I miss our dog, but I wish that we could stay on vacation a bit longer.  I love how friendly and nice people are here in Kentucky and I wish that people in Michigan had their cute accents. 

Let’s hope that the car ride home is a positive experience.


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