Other Than That, Mrs. Lincoln, How Did You Enjoy The Play?

Okay, so the ride home wasn’t so hot. 

The day started out great.  We went to Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace in Hodgenville, KY.  It was a very beautiful park and the ranger who was in the memorial was originally from Westland, MI and went to Livonia Franklin High School, just like Devoted Husband and me.  Who knew?  Small world indeed.  Incidentally, 2009 will be Lincoln’s bicentennial.  Just a shout out to all you Lincoln fans out there  (especially my mom, who celebrated her 65th birthday yesterday – she’s the biggest Lincoln fan I know).

Then, we ate at Lee’s chicken in downtown Hodgenville, which apparently also serves as the town meeting place, on account of the fine buffet lunch they serve.  I don’t think that the soup beans up here in MI are half as good as down there and I told the owner as much.  I asked what the secret ingredient was and she told me it was pork fat.  Excellent – my arteries are thanking me even as I type.  She was very sweet and said that, “Y’all will have to visit with us again if y’all come back down.”  I told her that we definitely would someday. 

Then, just on the outskirts of Cincinnati (and, by the way, Ohio’s expressways are JAMMED with people during rush hour – awful), my new used car decided to act up and the engine light came on at the same time it stalled out.  UGH.  It started again, but we were in “failsafe engine mode” for the next five hours through more traffic tie-ups and bored children.  That meant that we were on pins and needles and the “Welcome to Michigan” sign never looked so good.  So, now it’s in the shop and all I can say is that it’s a good thing we bought that extended warranty.  I won’t go into all of the car troubles we’ve had over the years, but my next vehicle may NOT be another Ford.

So, after five hours of sleep and four loads of laundry, it’s time to start another day in paradise.  I’m already dreaming of our next vacation because sometimes reality is tough.  Planning the vacation is half the fun.


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