My Life As a Computer

There are many features on computers and the Internet that I think would be helpful in my human life.  Here’s a rundown of the ones I think would be most useful.

Delete: I would use this one heavily.  If it’s not important, I would just delete it and forget about it.  That goes for unpleasant memories or things I’d rather not think about.  I’d need to empty my trash often.

Help: No more wondering what to do because help is just a click away. 

Comment moderation:  As my friend Stef pointed out, sometimes our comments need moderating.

Save: Would be nice to be able to save my thoughts for later.  Unfortunately, once I forget something, it’s rarely saved. 

Hibernate:  Sorry, can’t talk right now – I’m in hibernation mode.

Search: This one is kind of obvious, but helpful just the same.

Filters: Wouldn’t it be nice to filter out all of the extraneous information in our lives?  I’d also like to filter out real live viruses and people I don’t want to deal with.

Refresh: For those times when I’m a bit fuzzy and need some clarifying.

Control Panel:  Wouldn’t everyone like a little more control in their lives?

Task Manager:  For those of us who like to do more than one thing at a time.


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