4 a.m. is the new 3 a.m.

I would know because I have been up for the past few nights between 3 and 4 am, staring at the ceiling (or closing my eyes and praying for sleep, or flipping over ten times to find a comfy spot). 

Sometimes I can take credit for waking up on my own, but last night it was because I heard the tv on downstairs.  Eldest Son was sleeping on the couch with the tv blaring, every light in the kitchen, family room and hall turned on.  I don’t know what it is about my teenage kids, but they appear to be bound and determined to make every room as bright as day when they’re by themselves downstairs.  Maybe it’s not so scary for them, but I should share our latest energy bill with them and educate them about being more electricity “green”. 

Years ago, I would have been able to come back upstairs and fall asleep immediately.  Not anymore.  My brain thinks it’s time to turn back on and go through the steps of my next day.  You know, things like who needs to be where, what time people need to be picked up, is there anything to make for dinner, do I really care about dinner, what’s going on at work, am I going to feel like crap because I’m sleep deprived, what are the ramifications of being sleep deprived, did I lock the sliding door, did I lock my car, I need to call the dentist for an appointment, and on and on and on.  You’d think that this would make me just exhausted and I’d fall asleep in 10 minutes, but noooooo….  The whole process takes about an hour.

I’d like to add one more computer feature to my human life: the OFF switch.  Not hibernate, not stand by, just plain off.  Until then, I’ll be up at 4 am thinking about all of the above while the rest of my family, even the dog, sleeps.


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