Shocking Revelations

Took JoJo tonight for a walk for the first time using her new shock training collar.  Would have liked to have taught her to not chase cars with positive reinforcement but she literally left me no choice.  My elbow has tendinitis from her yanking me and it sometimes throbs, so I needed to resort to this. 

I didn’t have it up very high, so I didn’t hurt her.  It’s just kind of, well…shocking.  I tried it on myself first, of course.  The episode of The Simpson’s where the whole family went to therapy and ended up shocking each other went through my mind (it’s a really old one – I’m thinking from the first season).  I promise that I won’t get any pleasure from using the shock button like the Simpson’s did.

The other shocking revelation of the day is LibraryThing.  Do you use this?  Wow – love it.  I have TONS of books that I’ve read and listened to written by hand on notecards and I’m going to transfer them all to this site.  I may even have to upgrade from the free service because I think I’ve got over the limited amount.  You can rate the book, tag it, write comments, descriptions, and, of course, link the whole thing to your blog.  You just gotta love open source software.  The best part is that you can share it all with other book lovers.  Life is good.


One thought on “Shocking Revelations

  1. I love LibraryThing! I actually use it to keep track of books I want to read but haven’t yet (so not really the purpose it’s meant for, but it works so well for me). I’m annethelibrarian over there. 🙂

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