Fun Spelled Backwards is Nuf

The party’s over.  It’s almost like the vacation fog that I was in lifted and I can see clearly now (I can see all obstacles in my way…).  I have a lot of stuff to do and not much time to do it.  UGH.  I’ve got lists everywhere including the bottom of my purse, which is very helpful as you can imagine. 

I’m working eleven days straight, all without the help of Diet Pepsi.  I’ve given up diet soda and it’s not even Lent.  I heard that it can cause mental confusion, sorta like that fog I was in.  That explains a lot.

Then, I received three “back to school” catalogs from various stores reminding me that September is just around the corner.  There ought to be a law requiring the words “back to school” to be banned until the third week of August.  Too bad I don’t run the world because there would be changes…


One thought on “Fun Spelled Backwards is Nuf

  1. I too tried this “shock” collar as a means to stop my dog from barking at every leaf in the yard. The only problem is he is a Pomerian, a rather large one at 25 pounds, (please don’t laugh we like to say he is a standard Pom, and he is tall for his age) with all the hair he has around his neck the shock never got to him. And like you we tried it out first on my adult son. It worked on him, he stopped barking!

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