Will This Be On the Quiz?

Did you ever have that sinking feeling that you were supposed  to know something but you actually didn’t (hence, the “doe in the headlights” look)?  Sometimes I get this feeling from patrons at the reference desk, who presume that I know about something (ie law, business, fiction) and want to ask me additional, advanced questions about it.  I don’t like to b.s. people and more often than not, I just have to fess up and admit that I have no idea regarding what they’re talking about.

This phenomenon has also infiltrated other areas of my life.  I should know more about our medical benefits, but I honestly don’t have the interest to find our more.  I should know more about my car, but I have no inclination to figure it out.  I should probably get with the program and find out more about McCain and Obama, but I’ll end up waiting until I have to decide and then take action (I admit, politics bore me).  I should figure out how to put a non-Java LibraryThing widget together so that I can share my library.  Well, I guess that’s different because no one expects me to know that stuff, I just want to be able to do it. 

The older I get, the more that I realize I don’t know.  That much I know for certain.


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