Go Ahead, Make My Day

Things are starting out kind of questionable today.

 JoJo decided to go native and roll her head in something disgusting in the backyard.  I don’t think she’s ever had a bath at 7 am and I wasn’t terribly tickled about giving her one.  I even had to throw her collar in the trash because it smelled so hideous.  I kept asking her, “What were you thinking?” while soaping up her smelly face and she pleaded the fifth.  A good move on her part, actually.  I don’t really want to know why dogs want to smell like the depths of hell.   

I was rushing around the house trying to get myself and Youngest Son ready, when he announces that he can’t find his shoes.  They’ve been sucked into some great void and are no where to be found.  By this time, I’m frustrated, and, quite frankly, not happy.  I guess my questions were too pointed and upsetting because he started to cry and told me that he cannot be expected to answer where his shoes are and he can’t be responsible for everything.  He even told me to “just leave” at summer camp when I wanted to hug him goodbye.  Apparently, I’m going on a guilt trip.

I’m looking forward to dinner because I’m making spaghetti and I know that everyone will eat it and not complain.  I am just re-reading that sentence and realizing how pathetic that makes me sound. 

Thanks for listening.  You can comment back about frustrations in your own life.  Who knows?  Maybe that will make me feel better.  Go ahead – make my day.


4 thoughts on “Go Ahead, Make My Day

  1. I was feeling kind of frustrated today – discovered that patrons are registering their child for a program, printing out the confirmation, and then canceling so their friend can register for that same seat, print out the confirmation, and then cancel so their friend can do the same. We had 50 people “registered” for a 25-person program! We are going to have to put the smack down and not accept printed confirmations anymore. I hate it when some sucky person ruins it for everyone, y’know?

    Thanks for inviting the vent! I hope your spaghetti was tasty! 🙂

  2. Youngest son’s response about his shoes reminded me of my daughter’s response when asked to clean up a mess she had made. “Waaah! What!?!? You are asking me to clean up the mess that I made?!? Waaaah! This is so unfair.” Being responsible for your own messes and your own shoes–the cruelty that we inflict on these poor, unsuspecting children. 🙂

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