Hit Me Baby One More Time

It’s a momentous day.  Looking at my blog counter, I’ve got 999 hits.  Who will be the lucky 1,000th?  Wish I could have balloons and confetti fall on you.  You’ll just have to be happy with knowing that you made me happy.  It must mean that you like me, you really really like me! (Or, you just want to see how silly a middle aged woman can be or you just found my blog by searching for vixen wallpaper.  I’m okay with all of those scenarios). 

Speaking of silly, I’ve made it to my 11th day straight of work and I’m feeling a little giddy.  I get the WHOLE day off tomorrow.  Woo-hoo!  Par-tay!  I’m going to celebrate by first doing the laundry (hold on, it gets better), then I’m going to buy paint and wood stain for my next house projects!  I may even sneak in a nap.  Good times. 

Wishing all of you out there in blogland a very happy Thursday.  Thanks for hitting on me.


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