Practicing Random Acts of Courage

My good friend Stef sent me an excerpt from another blog yesterday.  It was called Ready, Set, Be Brave!  What an inspiration.  The author set out to do one brave thing a day for a month and challenged others to do the same. 

I’m not brave at heart.  I’ve had to do brave things that I wasn’t excited about or I was just plain forced into doing, but I never happily choose to leave my comfort zone.  I like the merry-go-round and not the roller coaster. 

Lately, however, I realize that life happens all around you, whether you’re brave or not.  You can be courageous and try new things, or try to fix things that need repair, or you can sit back and do nothing.  Either way, life will still happen. 

I’m not talking about bungee jumping (I’m not exactly sure if doing that makes you brave or just clueless).  Being brave can be something as simple as talking to someone you care about regarding a situation that’s bothering you.  Or maybe it’s learning something new.  My definition of bravery is that it just has to be somewhat frightening to you and not something you’d do if you were just sitting back and taking it all in.

So, here’s to random acts of courage.  I’m going to go start the laundry and then think of something brave to do.  Wishing you all a fearless day.


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