The Adventures of Goth Mom – Amateur Hair Colorist

Amy was a brunette who recently found vast amounts of gray in her hair, so she decided to start coloring it.  Her Youngest Son’s summer camp didn’t get the memo saying that Michigan was in a recession and they jacked up their prices, leaving Amy to work long hours and color her own hair.

The last time she colored her hair, it grabbed every bit of red that Amy didn’t realize she had.  So this time, Amy used a product called “Red Out”, which was supposed to correct that problem.  After Amy followed the directions on the box word by word, she added the “Red Out” and waited patiently for the results whilst trying very hard not to drip any coloring on her furniture or carpeting.

After 25 minutes, Amy washed her hair and dried it, noticing that it seemed a bit darker than usual.  Amy put on her glasses and peered closely.  She said one word only… “Dammit”.  She had become (da da daaaaaa) Goth Mom. 

Goth Mom was happy to see that her Neutrogena Age Shield face sunblock was working because she looked very pale with her new, dark hair.  She almost had a sickly cast.  Goth Mom wondered how one could fix such a problem, and discovered that only time could correct this.  Goth Mom has decided against trimming her own hair, however, and is looking forward to seeing her hairdresser this week.  She will pretend that she has no idea how her hair got so dark. 

Goth Mom can be found wandering around cemeteries and listening to old Siouxsie & the Banshees cds.  She is currently looking into piercings and tattoos to complete her look.


5 thoughts on “The Adventures of Goth Mom – Amateur Hair Colorist

  1. Once again it is good to be a male. I think my gray hair gets more distinguishing every day. At least what hair I have left.

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