I See Dead Produce

I have to go to the grocery store to replenish our stocks today.  It appears that my children have discovered the joy of eating this summer and are going through the food faster than I can buy it. 

They have not, however, discovered the joys of eating raw vegetables as snacks, as I would have hoped.  Today I found lettuce that was sitting in some sort of green juice, an onion that was so mushy that it looked like a science experiment and the remnants of a carrot.  It was dried up and brown and it whispered weakly,  “Read the expiration date…” when I picked it up.  The date on the bag was sometime in June.  Ewwwww………

Has anyone out there tried those “green bags” advertised on tv?  Youngest Son repeated the commercial to me not long ago (he can recite ANY commercial) and insisted that I try them, but I’m skeptical. 

Maybe I should just be more diligent about making salads.  Maybe I don’t feel like it and I’d just rather hear about other people’s produce solutions.


5 thoughts on “I See Dead Produce

  1. That is so funny… one day in grocery store Jack told me I needed to buy those green bags too! I was tempted when I was at the MOA’s As Seen On TV Store.

  2. I’m no better with managing to eat produce before it goes bad. I try and I usually eat most of what I buy, but inevitably something is always looking at me sketchily from the bottom of the fridge. I think it must be a requirement that there’s at least one icky something in every fridge.

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