Left Is Wrong, Right is Right

No, I’m not talking about political leanings, I’m talking about left turns (you know, while driving your car).

I’m going to tell you all another true confession… I will drive a mile out of my way to avoid turning left.  Literally.  Just ask my family.

I’m not sure when this neuroticism started.  I think that I was always kind of afraid to turn left, ever since I got my driver’s license.  I just think that it got worse as the years went on as drivers became more obnoxious here in metro Detroit.  Turning left at a light is fine.  Turning left into traffic is asking for trouble.

People who cut across five lanes of traffic to turn left (including the left turn lane) astound me.  I would NEVER, and I mean NEVER do that.  There must be a certain personality type to do that sort of thing.  I obviously have the “left avoidance” gene in me. 

My husband, who is not afraid of left turns, tries to coach me on and says encouraging things like, “You just have to be patient” or “Never mind what the people in the car behind you think, just wait for your turn”.  I thank him for his kindness and turn right anyhow.

Left avoidance has allowed me to see things that I normally wouldn’t, such as new neighborhoods and streets.  Going around the block instead of turning left has given me a new perspective on life, I’m just sure of it.  It has also been a source of entertainment (or frustration) for people sitting in my car along with me.

The next time you’re stuck in traffic with no way to turn left safely, think of me and turn right.  I know you’ll thank me and your car will too.


5 thoughts on “Left Is Wrong, Right is Right

  1. Maybe this is why we are friends. I will go all the way around a giant block to avoid turning left across traffic–esp. along the major road in our fair city! I know all the area short-cuts to avoid turning left…all the little driveways from store parking lots that meanderingly lead you out to a side road where you can safely turn RIGHT. In theory, I agree with your husband…in practicality, I nearly jump out of my skin when cars behind me are honking impatiently. As for “being patient,” if I ever HAVE to do a left turn across traffic for some reason, I become convinced that traffic will NEVER clear and that I will be stuck there forever with cars honking, people gesturing, and pedestrians smacking their foreheads in disbelief. And somebody help the poor child who decides to actually talk to me while I’m pondering turning left. That’s why it’s just better if I turn right, right?

  2. That’s EXACTLY what happens to me when I have to turn left across traffic. Gives me hives just thinking about it. That’s why left is wrong and right is the correct way.

  3. I am actually okay with turning left except out of the CPL driveway at 5 PM, that’s when I break out in a cold sweat!

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