Tell Me Again… What Do You Do For a Living?

There’s big excitement at Borders Books tonight as the highly anticipated Stephenie Meyer book Breaking Dawn becomes available at midnight.  Middle School Daughter had her dad drive her up to the store in July to pre-order her copy and I’m taking her and her friend up there tonight for the Night With a Bite festivities.  Vampires and Edward and love, oh my!

As usual, there was an interesting discussion about my role in all of this (besides being the chauffeur).  I had asked Middle School Daughter (hereafter known as M.S.D.) if she were excited about tonight, what time she wanted to go, etc. 

Me: “Are you going to the party at 9:30 and staying until midnight?”

M.S.D.: “Oh, you can take me and C. up there around 11.” 

Me: “Okay, we’ll just wait around until midnight then.”

M.S.D.: “I thought you were, like, dropping us off.”

Me: “Well, I thought I’d just hang around the bookstore and browse.  Don’t worry – I won’t talk to you.”

M.S.D.: (Pause) “Um, why do you want to hang around the bookstore and look at books?”

Me: “Remember, sweetie?  I’m a librarian… that’s what I do.  I like to see what’s been published.”

M.S.D.: “Oh… that’s right.  Well, okay then.”

The bottom line here is this… when it comes to teens, you are just mom.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor, lawyer, stay-home-mom or Cat Woman, you are just mom to your kids.  Your personal identity will be stripped for approximately six years, so leave your ego at the back door and don’t take it personally. 

I’m excited about hanging around Borders at midnight and browsing books while avoiding my daughter.  There’s an inner teenager in all of us and I’m going to get in touch with mine.


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