What’s In Your Closet?

I was going through my closet the other day and I came across a bag of needlework that I’ve been trying to complete for several years (okay, that’s a lie… try 15 years).  It made me think of an article that I read just recently about unfinished business in people’s lives.  The author states that everyone has unfinished business (projects, etc) and we just have to prioritize what we are and are not going to finish in this lifetime.

Now that Youngest Son is going to be seven this year, I suppose that there’s no rush on his birth sampler.  I should have finished that one when his room still had moons and stars on the walls.  Now I think it might clash with his Nick Lindstrom and Pudge Rodriguez FatHeads.

Twenty years ago, I ordered a needlepoint canvas from France, a replica of a medieval tapestry.  Okay, I admit it…it’s still sitting there, waiting to be started.  Maybe I should let that one go since I can’t remember how to do needlepoint anymore.

I have a cross stitch of Beaumont Tower at Michigan State University that’s 75% done.  I’m going to have to complete that one because Johnny Spartan husband will never let me forget it.  Plus, I happen to think it’s neat.

How about that latch hook rug, circa 1976?  I’m thinking that I can safely ditch that one.

Oh, let’s talk scrapbooking for a minute.  I *intend* to make baby books and school books for each of my kids.  I’m really burning rubber on this project – I’m already to Eldest Son’s third birthday in his book and he’s fifteen now.  I have all of the kids’ schoolwork organized by year, doesn’t that count?  My goal is to give them each their books by the time they’re 30.  That gives me a little wiggle room.

Maybe I should stick to blogging.  I finish every post that I start, plus it’s free and takes up very little space.  Really, do I need another cross-stitched fingertip towel or do I need to vent my feelings daily?  I think blogging is going to win out as the hobby of my choice.


2 thoughts on “What’s In Your Closet?

  1. You are way ahead of me if you have stuff organized by year. I have some scrapbooks I made in high school (this was before scrapbooking means what it does now – mine are just books with band concert programs and dance keepsakes glued in, no stickers, photos, or adornments), and sometime after that I just started throwing all that stuff in file boxes. I called them scrapboxes, and then after a few years I just decided to be honest and called them crapboxes.

  2. I call it a someday pile… it seems more optomistic that way…. I plan to get to is someday! Honestly with this type of stuff… I think it is best to focus on the journey not the destination! My problem is the amount of supplies I accumulate along that “journey.” You are right blogging is neat, tidy and it provides fairly instant gratification!

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