Not Now, Dear, Mommy’s Having a Breakdown

There is a direct correlation between my state of mind and my childrens’ behavior.

I am so tired today that my brain feels like it went smooth.  None of my synapses are firing correctly.  Plus, now that my work marathon is over I just feel like I’m just looking at my house for the first time.  It’s not good news.

I walked in the door from work and Youngest Son announced that Middle School Daughter didn’t spend one single moment of quality time with him.  He added, “DON’T pay her.” (Does anyone else out there pay their teens to watch younger siblings? Discuss.)  She, of course, stated her case that he was busy watching television and he didn’t need her.  Then they both wanted to know what’s for lunch and did I know that there’s nothing to eat around this house? 

It’s moments like this when my internal search engine looks for answers.  Most of the time I can come up with a good answer or solution but when I’m overtired, I just tend to glaze over.  Today, the search came up with “no matches found”. 

I reassured Youngest Son that he was alive and that was a good thing, while telling Middle School Daughter that she really needs to put more effort into her babysitting routine.  Effective parenting at its finest.

I feel like I should have a sign around my neck that says, “Stay back – tired woman” or “Approach at your own risk.”  To hell with those silly studies that say caffeine isn’t good for you.  This afternoon, it’s my drug of choice.


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