How To Make Enemies and Negatively Influence Your Child

Grab your stick, skates and attitude – it’s hockey season once again. 

I recently learned that one of the assistant coaches from Youngest Son’s team last year (who happened to be the father of two of the players) behaved really poorly.  In fact, he acted like a complete jerk by making his own kids cry and grumbling when some of the less advanced kids went out to play (they were six years old and this was their first year of hockey, by the by). 

Come to think of it, his wife acted like a jerk too by screaming, and I mean at the top of her lungs, in the stands.  I knew that she was obnoxious, but I just found out how bad the dad acted.  This lovely couple is considering coming over to Youngest Son’s new league and I’m NOT happy. 

I would love to know what goes through peoples’ heads when they become bullies in kids’ sports.  Is it that they don’t want to be embarrassed by their child’s amateur skills?  Well, get over it because I’m sure that Tiger Woods once whiffed golf balls and Nick Lindstrom fell down when he was learning to skate too. 

Or, maybe their own parents were hard on them too.  Okay, there’s therapy for that.  Their kids can join them for family therapy when they get older and realize how badly they were treated, all in the name of sports.

There are many good things that come from organized sports, but the adults involved have to be instrumental in building the kids up, not tearing them down.  I’m all about helping kids improve and enjoy themselves.

This year, I’m not going to put up with obnoxious parents like the above-referenced jerk.  I’ve got my hockey mom gloves on and I’m not afraid to use them.


One thought on “How To Make Enemies and Negatively Influence Your Child

  1. I’ve seen some pretty bad sports as parents/coaches this year in baseball, too. One coach impatiently admonished a 6 or 7 year old for scooping up batted balls before they went foul, loudly announcing, “Let those balls go foul, and make sure their coach sees them, too!” Golly–yes, let’s make sure that no small child accidentally gets to first base on a foul ball in a game WHERE THEY DON’T EVEN KEEP SCORE!

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