Too Much Information

Today marks the 39th anniversary of the infamous concert known as Woodstock.  I know that you probably had meant to write it down in your date book but it just slipped your mind with all of the other things going on.  Glad to be of service.

I don’t remember one thing about Woodstock since I was just shy of three years old at that time.  I do remember hearing all about it as the years went by in music and on television, but I was still confused.  Weren’t concerts a one night deal?  Also, why were so many bands involved? 

So, one day when I was about seven, I asked my mom what Woodstock was all about.  Her explanation started out just fine, “It was a concert that went on in upstate New York for about three days and had lots of famous bands.”  So far so good.  Then she continued, “It was also a time for hippies to get together and do drugs.  There was no sanitation, people slept anywhere and they even urinated on each other.” 

Okay.  That was too much information.  She could have stopped at the concert’s location and I would have been satisfied.  Instead, years later I’m still left with the image of hippies shooting up and urinating on each other as Jimi Hendrix plays the Star Spangled Banner on his guitar.  It’s a wonder I’ve turned out as well as I have (I supposed that’s debatable too).

Have you ever unintentionally given your kids too much information about something?  I’m sure I have over the years because it’s pretty easy to do.  There is definitely an art to giving the least amount of information possible in order to satisfy a child’s curiosity.


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