Check Your Wallet and Your Calendar…It’s Back To School Time

…please leave your checkbook as you walk through the school doors.  Your pin and bank account numbers will work just as well.  Cha-ching.

Eldest Son is going to pick up his schedule at the high school this Thursday.  I received all of the paperwork, along with the information for pictures and yearbooks (which is $70 this year – YIKES).  The first bill for Youngest Son’s after school care came and Teenage Daughter has decided that her backpack is so five minutes ago.  Plus, all three of them have grown at least two inches this summer and need new clothes.  Cha-ching.

How about extra curricular activities?  Gone are the days when clubs and sports were free to participate – it’s all about pay to play or belong.  Cha-ching.

This all adds up to me being broke.  Again. 

Not only am in I broke financially, I’ve got scheduling conflicts to spare.  The high school and the middle school didn’t share their calendars and both have open houses on the same night.  My DH and I need to divide and conquer.  I don’t even know when Youngest Son’s open house is going to be.  However, I can guarantee that I’ll have something else going on that night.  Something silly like going to work.   Or driving my kids to and from other activities. 

Back to reality – school’s in.


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