That’s Why It’s Called An Amusement Park

Happy Monday!

Spent all day yesterday at Cedar Point (aka the Amazement Park) in Sandusky, OH with the fam, including my brother and sister-in-law, nieces and cousin.  The rides aren’t the only reason that it’s called the Amazement Park.  The people watching was pretty darn amazing too. 

I’ve been going to Cedar Point my entire life, but there were signs this year that I’m getting old.  First, I couldn’t even think about doing spinning rides.  The thought of going on the Witch’s Wheel (in which the rider is straight up and down and spinning) made me want to toss my pizza. There will be no more of that action for me. 

Also, I’ve become preoccupied with wondering exactly how all those little roller coaster wheels stay on the tracks and what would happen if they fell off.  That’s enough to make someone not want to “ride on”. 

I’m way more concerned with cleanliness than I used to be.  I wanted to bring my bleach wipes to the bathrooms and wipe everything down.  Ick.  Also, I was aware that everything seemed sticky and sweaty.  The mom in me (or maybe the neurotic in me)  wanted everyone to use sanitizing lotion after every ride.  I couldn’t wait to go home and take a shower.

There were plenty of interesting outfits to report.  My favorite shirts was the one that read, “Sleeps Well With Others”.  Very nice – classy too.  The shorts, in little girl sizes, that read, “Get in Line” and “Wild Ride” were wrong on all sorts of levels.  The uniforms that the workers wear look like something from McDonald’s in the 80’s.   They used to be yellow and red and are now blue and red.  Looks like progress.   

I was consciously aware that I was one of only ten people who didn’t have a tattoo.  Was feeling very left out.

My kids and nieces all seemed to have a great time.  They rode tons of rides and the park wasn’t very crowded at all (in fact, this was the least crowded I’ve ever seen it) so the lines were fairly short.  We stayed all day and they seemed to fit it all in.  I remember going to Cedar Point when I was their age, when I didn’t worry about the rides breaking down and germs.  That’s okay – I’m just along for the ride nowadays.


One thought on “That’s Why It’s Called An Amusement Park

  1. We go to Cedar Point every October for Hallow Weekends. It is so much fun. Although my kids are almost 9 and 6 they aren’t quite the height to do the rides me and hubby like yet. We try to pawn them off on grandma at least once so we can do a “big kid’ ride .

    I so know exactly what you are talking about though. Even in the cooler weather in October everything there is still kinda sticky. Nice and Germy!!!! Yuck!

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