Same Stuff, Different Year

First day of school…it’s all coming back to me now.   Thought that I would have all sorts of stuff to blog about but this morning was remarkably anti-climactic.

Got up at 5:50 this morning after waking up at 4:00.  I was lying there thinking about all sorts of things and wondering who on earth thought that starting high school at 7:15 was a good idea.  Forgot to take a picture of Eldest Son, who is starting 10th grade today, and Teenage Daughter, who is starting 8th grade.  Maybe it’s not cool anymore to have your mom photograph you on your first day  when you’re in middle or high school. 

Also, it’s apparently not cool to have your mom give you a hug or a kiss in front of everyone else when you’re in 1st grade.  Youngest Son gave me a wave in a very dismissive way.  He had things to color and wasn’t interested in long goodbyes.  I suppose that’s better than having him cry.  There were a few kids doing that this morning at the elementary school.

Now that I’m home this afternoon, all three kids gave me oodles of forms to fill out and paperwork to file.  I have to look at school menus and start coordinating schedules.  Looks like we’re back to the swing of things.


One thought on “Same Stuff, Different Year

  1. The excess paper that comes home at the beginning of the school is insane. I went through mounds of it tonight…put most of it in the trash. I get double because both of my children are still at the same school.

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