School’s In – Drive Defensively

This morning I witnessed someone running a red light right in front of Youngest Son’s elementary school.  Running a red light is bad enough… doing it when the crossing guard is standing there is just insane.  I swear someone is going to be killed there one day.

I was hit last February by a woman who ran that same light.  She told the policeman that I ran the red, but the crossing guard witnessed the whole thing and vouched that I had the green.  Our car was fixed  $11,000 later, but I still wince when I have to cross the street at that light.  There is nothing like the sound of the impact when another car hits yours.

It’s not just dangerous in front of Youngest Son’s school, the parking lots can be treacherous too.  The whole situation got so out of hand last year that the principal re-routed traffic at the school.  I witnessed a man chewing out one of the school employees when she asked him to move his car out of the bus loop.  Apparently, his time was more important than anyone else’s.  I wish I had had a video camera and could have shown him the looks on the children’s faces watching him lose it.  An excellent example to be setting for the kids.

Good thing I don’t drop off Teenage Daughter (she takes the bus or is dropped off by my husband) or Eldest Son (he gets a ride with a neighbor or walks) in the mornings.  I’d have to worry about all the nutty drivers at their schools too.  I can only properly worry about one thing at a time.


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