And now for my next trick…

…I will attempt to go to not one but TWO school open houses in one night, both scheduled at the same time in different buildings!  But wait…I’m not God so that’s not possible!

I’d like to sincerely thank the school administrators in our district (whom I WILL track down) who failed to communicate with one another regarding open houses at Teenage Daughter’s middle school and Eldest Son’s high school.  Both scheduled tonight, same time, different places. 

In an age when parent involvement is both necessary and highly recommended, they’ve done us no favors.  My DH will go to the high school and I will go to the middle school – divide and conquer.   I’m also ignoring the note asking that only parents attend – Youngest Son will be visiting with me.

For my final trick, I will attempt to make a dinner that everyone will like before I go to the open house.  It would truly take an act of God to pull that one off.


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