I. Love. Fall.

Yes, okay, you’re right – autumn doesn’t officially start until later on this month.  Who needs the autumnal equinox to begin embracing the season?  I love the feel, smell and taste of fall.  I love pumpkins, apple cider, falling leaves and chilly evenings.  I love to hear marching bands and listen to the football games from my backyard (we live right by our high school).  I love to burn cinnamon candles and bake chicken pot pies.  It’s the coziest season of the year. 

I especially love Halloween, but I’m not going to rush that.  I’ll start decorating for that in October.

Autumn begins for me when the kids go back to school.  So, I dragged all of my autumn tschotchkes up from my basement yesterday and now I’m in the process of changing my seasonal decor.  Makes me feel like baking something in my oven.

Years ago, I was telling my younger brother how much I loved fall and he looked at me like I was from another planet.  “Didn’t you know that fall means death?”, he asked me.  Yikes.  Never thought of it like that.  I always thought of autumn as the beginning of the school year, so I never considered it to be the kiss of death.  I don’t think of autumn and winter in the same way at all.

I know that Christmas is, for most people, the most wonderful time of the year.  You can keep it, as far as I’m concerned.  I’ll take autumn over it any day.


6 thoughts on “I. Love. Fall.

  1. Death? How sad is that? No way, I don’t agree with your bro. Walks on sunny, crisp and cool days, hot cups of tea, raking leaves. A good high school football game and at least one or two tailgates too!

    Ah – btw, good luck with drupal. I kneel before thee…I am not worthy!

  2. Fall is my favorite season also. The smell, the crunchy leaves, all of it. We have so many family birhday’s in the fall. It is much fun!!! Halloween is so my favorite holiday. I scrapbook and I can never do enough fall layouts. I love the colors!!!!

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