Do the Math

It is a sad truth that, despite six years of college, I cannot do math.  I can show you where the math books are and recommend titles to you, but don’t ask me to complete one single problem because I probably can’t.

Last year I went to the open house at Eldest Son’s high school and met his science teacher (who happens to be this year’s science teacher as well).  She told us parents not to lose hope if our child was a less than stellar student.  She was living proof that your child can persevere because she apparently slept through all of high school and realized what she wanted to be after she graduated.  Her inspiring story ended with her true confession that she, alas, still had to get through the third level of calculus and she was determined to do that someday.

I had to really think about that.  The third level of calculus?  Yeesh.  I do have some pride and I’m not going to tell you all at which level of math I ended.  Let’s just say that it’s nowhere near the third level of calculus.

I really don’t want to go through the rest of my life math illiterate so I’m starting over.  I have purchased a book in the Dummies series and I’m going to start doing problems on my own.   My goal is a bit more humble than the third level of calculus.  I just want to know how to assist my kids if they need help in math.

Who knows?  Maybe this will turn into a new chapter in my life and things will change because of my newly acquired math skills…

Nah.  I’ll still be myself, just slightly better with numbers.  Ask me what the Dewey number for math is.  THAT I can do.


7 thoughts on “Do the Math

  1. Start slow. Here’s an idea; focus on learning to balance your check book and then you can move on to higher math like multiplication and division.

  2. I’m so with you – I got through 3 years of math in HS and the required course in undergrad and called it good enough! It’s a good thing we have at the library, so when kids ask for help, I can actually do something for them (because there’s very little chance I’ll know how to do the problem myself). Real-world stuff is fine for me, but equations just boggle my mind for some reason.

  3. Uh-oh, nothing like a challenge from “Daddio” to raise the stakes on this effort 🙂 If it helps, I made it through calculus and I’m pretty sure Craig can add numbers in his head faster than I…

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  5. Yes, I took calculus. My favorite math question was from the woman who working on a recipe, asked,”What’s one half of two thirds?” In my mind, it is obvious what happens if you take one half of two of anything.


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