Beware of the Dreaded Reply Button

Friends don’t let friends email while tired.  I should have had someone helping me out this morning while reading my messages at 7:15 am.

Youngest Son’s hockey coach emailed all of the team parents about various things including not coaching your child from the stands.  I agree 100% and I had *meant* to forward his message to Hockey Husband with a note asking him if he coached through the glass and saying that I wish that guy had been our coach last year.  So, guess what?  I hit “reply” instead and then send. I just sat there, realizing what I had done.  Crap…too late.

It’s not that I said anything negative.  In fact, it was a compliment.  That being said, I still had to email the coach back, apologize for being a doofus and explain what I meant.  He emailed back with a funny response, but it would have been a whole lot less complicated if I had just clicked the right button.

It made me think of an incident that happened at one of my jobs around 15 years ago, when email was fun and people were testing it out.  We got a company wide email from the CEO and some woman responded back (to the whole company, of course) with a nasty note attached about her supervisor.  Oops.  It would appear that she forgot to click “forward” too, except the result of that was a bit more severe.  We didn’t see her in the staff lounge anymore.


One thought on “Beware of the Dreaded Reply Button

  1. I have done something similar recently. I share pics with family and friends through google Picasa web albums. I didn’t realize it till a gf called to tell me how cute the baby pics were that I had one of my albums “public” and there was a picture of me with my butt hanging out at the hospital. My hubby and I were goofing around in triage while I was waiting to have baby. Needless to say I had emailed the baby album to everyone we know including all the staff members at my hubbys school! She didn’t see it but asked me what all the other albums were of. I freaked immediately and went and changed all of my albums to unlisted. It could have been very bad. As far as I know nobody noticed my booty!!!!! YIKES LOL Gee that just may make a good post!!!

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