Caffeine Is A Girl’s Best Friend

I ate and drank myself into a complete Monday stupor.  I feel like I’ve been on a bender when all I’ve actually done is eaten way too much birthday food.  Not only that, but it rained the ENTIRE weekend.  For whatever reason, the combination of the excess food and rain made me feel exhausted today.

It’s days like this that I thank the Good Lord for coffee – leaded NOT unleaded, thank you. 

I realize that this is totally different from what we’ve all been hearing.  Caffeine is bad for you, it can lead to health disorders, it raises your heart rate, etc.  I know all about it since I purchase the health books for my library and I’ve read all of the warnings.   That all being said, sometimes you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. 

I look at it this way… I don’t smoke, drink or purposely participate in dangerous behavior (well, I drive everyday – I suppose that’s purposely dangerous).  I attempt to eat healthy and I exercise daily.  If I need some caffeine to help me get through the day, so be it.  At least I’ll die stimulated.


One thought on “Caffeine Is A Girl’s Best Friend

  1. Hmph. Health books. Let me tell you what isn’t healthy – getting in my way when I haven’t had my coffee in the AM. THAT should come with a health warning.

    I hear ya friend. Three Cheers for COFFEE!!! SIP-SIP-HOORAY!

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