All This and They Pay Me Too?

I’ve been a permanent fixture at my library for nine years this month since I came as a student to do my practicum and never left. 

I was thinking about my favorite patron-librarian transactions over the years and quite a few of them come to mind.  The expression “never a dull moment” is certainly applicable here.  Here’s a few unforgettable ones…

-The man who came to research the “War of Northern Aggression” and wanted a list of Civil War Confederate groups still in existence.

-The man who leaned back in his chair in the Internet lab, snapping the chair in half and pulling the desk on top of him (this is while I’m restarting a computer the next row over).

–  The woman who called in to request a book on dog training and was barking at her dog while talking to me on the phone.

-The woman who wanted a list of possible plane runways and their lengths in Sierra Leone.

-The couple in the middle of a divorce who came to the reference desk and insisted that I witness their legal papers while arguing with each other the entire time.

-The woman who called and insisted that the library was incompetent for losing the book she checked out, finally realizing that she called the wrong library and was looking at the wrong library website.

-Chasing teens playing “hide and seek” in the stacks.

-The man who asked my co-worker to help him download naked pictures of himself (okay, I admit that I wasn’t there to see that one, but I can just imagine how it all happened…)

-The woman who needed primary sources and asked if we had an original Bible.

-The man who pointed the computer mouse at the screen like a tv remote during one of my Internet classes.

I’m sure that there are many more that I’ve forgotten about, but you get the picture.  And you thought that libraries were quiet and boring!


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